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What does your email address say about your business?

It seems like such a harmless asset to your business but your email address can really tell your customers a lot about your business.  While there is nothing wrong with using a free email service like yahoo or gmail for your personal accounts, in the world of business it serves as a faux pas to use anything but your own private email.


When a customer wants to continue communication with you that is a sign that they are wanting to commit, or at least take you out for another date.  But when you give them your email address and the domain is something other than your own brand, a savvy shopper is going to take note.


As silly as it may sound, this was one of the primary reasons for the founding of DrySpark.  The more that company culture and customer service moved from hobby to habit the more we really started noticing the little things about businesses.  For a small business your brand is all you have.  It is your reputation, your lifeblood with your customers.



PostmanSwitching email accounts sounds as painful as switching phone numbers.  “Everyone has my old email address,” “We have used this email address for years.” But that is why we do the heavy lifting for you.  Transform brothersblenders@hotmail.com into sales@brothersblenders.com  and rest knowing that all of your old emails are being forwarded to your new account and you and now sending your customers the right message while taking pride in continuing to grow your brand in a positive and professional way.


It really is easier than you think.  Drop us a line and let’s talk about introducing your business to 2012.