Because it never hurts to ask


In business as in life sometimes you find yourself in situations that you would describe as “once in a lifetime.”  When you find yourself in those situations, you can be a wallflower and hunker down or you can put yourself out on a limb and take a chance.  There is no lie that the past few years have made it easier than ever for us to make contact with those celebrities, entrepreneurs or companies that we look up to.  I have even taken screen shots that I have gotten back from people that I look up to.

But a story caught my eye today – thanks to TMZ.  Vanderbilt University student Michael Pollack was at a Q & A with one of his idol’s this past January.  That idol, is one of the best piano players and crooners of his time.  Joel is third all time on the list of best selling solo artists in the United States and has a few Grammy awards to his name, six to be exact with twenty three nominations.  Pollack took his chance to ask Billy Joel a question – that question was, “I was wondering if I can play (the piano) with you.”

What Pollack did was like asking Larry Bird if he could shoot a few three pointers with him, but to everyone’s surprise – Joel said yes, and then Pollack proceeded to absolutely kill it on the ivory.

So take this lesson to heart – opportunities like this in life do not repeat themselves – take them while you can.

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