Every Day, Getting Better

every day getting betterIt has been quite some time since we have posted to the blog.  2013 finished with a bang as we welcomed many new clients to the DrySpark family.  On February 15th we celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and to commemorate that event, we launched our newest project – Every Day, Getting Better.   This is one that we have dreamed about for quite some time, and we felt that the start of our 3rd year was the right time to share it with the masses.

The premise is simple, one post per day, it may be a quote, a video, a story or a poem.  We want you to visit daily, read / watch / reflect and then finally comment on the post.  Our goal is to build a community where we can discuss and help others improve through not just our content, but the content of the comments of our community.

We hope that you enjoy!

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