LOFT loves Teachers – Now I love LOFT

LOFT modelMy wife has long loved shopping at LOFT, and over the years I have to say that I have picked up things for her and received great customer service in their store.  Beyond that, I am sure that LOFT President Gary Muto has a fancy new car thanks to my wife’s purchases at his store and online.  To be honest, I think my wife loves LOFT a little too much – possibly to my level of obsession with Zappos.

Yesterday however, I learned that LOFT loved her back.  In the mail she got a discount from LOFT for being a Teacher.  As a former teacher myself I know first person the riggers of the job.  You often hear people say that teachers do not get the pay / respect / rewards that they deserve.

I love incentive programs but most have a catch of some sort.  That is why LOFT’s “LOFT loves Teachers” program impressed me so much.  They are simply showing appreciation to the most noble of professions.

LOFT loves teachers

Teachers who sign up for this program receive 15% off of their in-store purchases as well as other great deals.

I wanted to write this post to thank Mr. Muto and his staff for sharing the love.  I hope other businesses follow suit.

You can learn more about this program by clicking here.

You can find LOFT online at

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