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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

Dryspark LLC was formed in February 2012 with small to mid sized businesses in mind. We all know that if you want to succeed in business, you have to have a web presence. True web presence should not be limited to those who can afford it, or those who have never had it explained to them. Our Montana vaules ensure that you are getting the right product, for the right price. DrySpark aims provide value based new media services and on demand support.

Drew and Ryan met in college and expanded their friendship into the bonds of brotherhood by joining the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Different family and career choices have kept them in different cities but their friendship and spirit of business has kept them in very close contact. After many years of trying to find the right project to collaborate on, they went back and reevaluated one of their original ideas, at that moment in 2012 DrySpark was born.  Since then, they have expanded their reach outside of Montana to clients all over the country.  

Together they form a partnership that delivers not only great products but also values based services.

Our Services

partnering our skills with your business

Custom Web Design

Responsive Designs for all devices

Custom built to fit your business and your budget

responsive design

Domain Names

Find your perfect domain name

.com .org .us .biz .xyz and so many more

domain search

Find your perfect domain name

WordPress Hosting

Powering the internet

Technology Consulting

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No stupid questions, only honest and helpful answers.

Webmaster Services

Project and website management

Managed Web Presence

webmaster services

Google Workspace Authorized Reseller

Gmail, Calendar, Video Conferencing, Cloud Storage, and more

Spark your business with custom branded e-mail!

DrySpark Web Presence and Design offers a diverse package of services. None of our products are one-size-fits-all because let’s face it, you don’t run a one-size-fits-all business. Your business is important and we designed our services with that in mind. Our web design bids are custom to every client and their specific needs. Our products are built for the future with responsive design practices that are mobile-friendly and easy to use.

If you already have a website and just need an unfiltered view as to how the internet and your clients see you, contact us about performing a Spark Number evaluation on your site. This custom report will review where you are, and give you tangible action steps for how to move forward, all for just $99. Our technology consulting is a second level of support that helps you get the answers for your tech questions. Let our experience assist you.

Looking to purchase a new domain, add web hosting or maybe try your hand at email marketing – click over to Tools.DrySpark.com and find a product that helps you grow. Looking to expand into the cloud, add custom email, video conferencing, or a calendar – DrySpark is a certified Google Workspace Partner and can provide your business with the best product on the market for corporate and educational communication.

DrySpark also offers Webmaster services to help your business run smoothly. Our low-cost options help you maintain your Web Presence without losing peace-of-mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

about web design

What is Google Workspace2020-10-07T15:39:09-06:00


G Suite brings the power of the Google Cloud to your business in a professional and secure package.  Custom branded email, video conferencing, online calendars, cloud storage, collaboration, and mobile connectivity.  DrySpark is a Google Workspace Partner – that means that Google trusts us to represent their brand.  Learn more at Google.

What CMS do you prefer?2019-12-06T21:32:59-07:00

We have experience in many areas of design, we prefer to design using WordPress.  Formerly viewed as only a blogging platform, WordPress has now proven to be the most powerful CMS on the market.  Everything that we build is “responsive” which means that regardless of the device it is viewed on, it will look great!

What is a theme?2019-12-06T21:33:26-07:00

We view themes as the blueprints of your site.  They are pre-designed templates that prior to adding your custom content help you visualize how your website could look.  One of our goals as designers is purchasing only themes that are well built and supported.  We work directly with our clients to pick themes that they find visually appealing and we find structurally sound.

How much will a web design project cost?2019-12-06T21:34:03-07:00

All of our projects are custom bid, specific to your budget and needs.  There is no one-size-fits-all.  A website built to the needs of a small business should range from $1500 to $3000.   Factors that increase the cost of a website are custom graphic design (that is not outsourced), shopping cart functionality, or other industry-specific items.

Will I need a specific mobile website or mobile app?2019-12-06T21:34:34-07:00

We build our websites using responsive designs that allow your website to format correctly no matter the type of device your visitor is on.  This means that anywhere from a 27″ desktop monitor to an iPhone – your website scales correctly.  This eliminates the unnecessary costs of designing and maintaining multiple websites.

What portion of my project will you outsource?2019-12-06T21:35:01-07:00

To date, we have outsourced a very low percentage of our projects, less than 5%.  You choose DrySpark because of the relationship that we form with you, we would never tarnish that relationship by sending your project overseas, or even out of our offices.  Items that have been outsourced in the past include professional graphic design (logos), and hotel reservation systems.  You will always know upfront if a portion of your site will not be done by our team.

How long will my project take to complete?2019-12-06T21:35:23-07:00

We have worked with companies in the past that put artificial time frames on projects.  Those intentionally force clients to make decisions under pressure.  With DrySpark, your project moves at your pace.  For DrySpark to proceed we need all of your content, images, etc. up front.  Usually, delays in the design process are when we are waiting for your content.  Please note that we wait patiently.  We will not pressure you.  Once we receive your content the process moves along very quickly.  We feel that allowing you to move at your pace and not ours, is a major factor that sets us apart from the competition.

Will my domain and my hosting be in my own name?2019-12-06T21:36:07-07:00

YES! ALWAYS!  A dirty little secret of web designers is that they can hold clients hostage for their data.  Not us – you will always have your property in your name.  That allows you to control your decisions and your design.  There are zero reasons for your domain or hosting to ever be in anyone else’s name.  ZERO!

Where should I purchase domain names and hosting?2019-12-06T21:36:38-07:00

We only recommend that clients purchase these products through our website.  We have many web tools for sale at tools.dryspark.com.  But just like we noted on the question above, all products are purchased in your name and in your private account.  *Hosting for websites that we design must be purchased through our website to ensure that your hosting package is capable of handling the specific needs of your custom project.

How much do we need to pay you after our project is done?2019-12-06T21:38:04-07:00

DrySpark does not have any sort of hidden fees.  No annual maintenance fees, no surprises down the road.  If you choose to hire us to perform updates on your site you can, but if not, we won’t try to sneak anything extra on you months down the road.   *monthly hosting, SSL and annual domain charges are separate from your design and billed directly through your tools.dryspark.com account.

Okay, no hidden fees, but we need to pay you for all changes, right?2019-12-06T21:39:01-07:00

Wrong…DrySpark builds 100% turn-key websites.  This means that you have full access to 100% of your website and can manage any and all changes yourself, or have someone else manage them for you.

If you are not comfortable with changes or manage to break something (trust us, it happens), then you can contact us for technical support at an hourly rate (billed to the minute).

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